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New Zealand White Rabbits

Got some gorgeous New Zealand White rabbits for sale, all 8 weeks and growing, got several litters coming up behind them so can cover a lot of interested parties.
Standard Rex going to be ready in two months or so.
Asking 15 per rabbit, can offer delivery anywhere between Mallaig and Glasgow for the price of my train ticket.

Really happy friendly rabbits who'd make great breeders and stunning pets.

All three of my breeding females have given me litters of 9,8,7 (funnily enough) and have just dropped another 9,8,8(1 stillborn). Babies are growing like weeds and are leash trained, as I put them out in harnesses on long lines to eat all day. They are also allowed to free roam a fenced garden and reliably come back every evening for their grain and to be locked up.

Any questions don't hesitate to ask!

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