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New Zealand (Warning: Lots of big pics)

You don't hear much from me but I guess I'd better show you where I've gotten to.

I've spent the last 6 weeks driving around New Zealand doing all the touristy things. I've cut down from over 1000 photos to show you 20 of my favorites.

I started up North in Pahia, kayaking up to a little water fall

A quick stroll to the lighthouse at the tip of Cape Rienga, the very north of New Zealand.

It's quite a long way from home

But the views make it worth it.

We were so impressed we decided to take  the coastal road back to the hostel.

I bumped into a few of the locals on the way south towards Taupo

And then a few more

I headed quickly down through the south Island making few stops along the way, this next one is one I'm glad I made

I had a very busy week on the south island, Penguin spotting in Oamaru

The Moeraki Boulders on the way past

Tunnel beach just outside Dunedin, definitely one of my favorite spots so far.

We did a bit of camping in the Milford sounds national park followed by the early morning cruise.

A nice stroll along to the glaciers to cool down a bit, I think this one's Franz Joseph.

We finally took a break up at Hokitika, it's a bit of a drive out of town but deffinatly worth visiting the Turquoise waters of the Hokitika Gorge

That night we had a fire on the beach

and watched the sun go down

The next day we stopped off at the Pancake rocks on the way into Nelson.

Finally up into the Abel Tasman national parks for a bit of walking

and the Te Waikoropupu Springs, the clearest water you'll ever see, 67 meters visibility.

I'm back on the north island at the moment, resting up before heading back to Thailand at the end of the month.

Wonderful photos - thanks for sharing
Such a beautiful country

See you in May son.

Where are you now in the North Island, We are near east coast up from where James Cameron lives close to where Peter Jackson lives   Love your photos have seen some of them places, glacier was much further down last time we went, did you see the water spout up through the pancake rocks. We havn't been to Christchurch since the big quake but went after first one and before second. Hope you are enjoying your stay here. Sorry no rain to make you feel at home

Great pics stunning venues

Sod  He absolutely loves the place. It sounds as though he's had a great time, its just a shame that he doesn't get on line very often.

Fabulous fabulous pics, thank you, and glad you are having a great time on your trip.
Grandma Bodger

what a grand time you are having loved the photos wat tales you will have to tell us when you get home  where next  

Wow! fantastic pics  

Grandma Bodger wrote:
what a grand time you are having loved the photos wat tales you will have to tell us when you get home  where next  

I'm staying with Sod and family tonight, spent an afternoon chasing cows.

Thats brilliant . have a good time you two

What a fantastic post

Beautiful photos....journey of a life time, memories that will live forever...

Wow!.....enjoy the rest of your trip and thanks for sharing  

Beautiful places - I'll get there one day!  

12Bore wrote:
Beautiful places - I'll get there one day!  

Sure hope so would love to see you and everyone else.

Ooh lovely photos!! Its on my bucket list! Love Lizzie
Dave C

Excellent pics Martin  

Keep them coming

Absolutely stunning photos.

Like day....and before it's too late to visit my Aunt.

What beautiful pictures!  

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