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new website

just got my new website up and running. Not finished totally yet, needs a picture adding on the front, tidying up and a complete spell/grammar check.

Looking good Ian. i've PMd you.

Hi mate,good little site that,i noticed though under agricutural you dont do Rabbit or in all catogorys grey squirrels?? Is it the shooting and safety aspect because of built up areas??...This country needs more Grey Squirrel's knocked on the head

Cant see it sorry as not in UK  

Nice site easy to understand , well done hope it goes well for you.

Hi all,
thanks for the reply's. Yeah I do rabbits and squirrels, in fact have done quite q few squirrels in domestic homes recently. Will add those categories soon. Many thanks, Ian.

Bodger Iv not got a PM?

Ian - good looking sight - easy to navigate and it loads quickly too which is brilliant.

You might want to make the font for your telephone number at the top of the page slighly stronger and in your face.

Also dont forget to put your meta tags behind the scenes so that search engines such as google will find it quicker and move you up the rankings etc.

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