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tai haku

New veg garden

Thought I'd do a thread on the new garden we've been working on. When we bought the house it abutted a bit of land with an abandoned property on it that'd sat fallow for 30 odd years. Last year the owners started making moves to build a new property and submitted some rather lovely plans very sympathetic to how close they were to us. But they got refused planning permission (planning laws here are "complicated"). After a long stressful period we ended up buying the land and turning it into a new garden. We've got 2 kids under 2 (our second is 7 weeks old today) so its been a busy summer but I'm trying to get us ready to grow some stuff next year fairly seriously.

Like an idiot I didn't get any photos of just how horrendous the plot was before we started but I found this online. It's after the brick chimney collapsed but you can see a lot of the structure we had to remove and it'll give you an idea of what the ground looked like underneath the brambles, nettles and scrub.
Untitled by Wayne, on Flickr

and here's what it looks like now from the top of the bank. 

Untitled by Wayne, on Flickr
the idea was to make something practical for food gardening but also a neat area the boys can play in without trashing too much hence the raised beds.

There are 4 big beds for annual growing and 3 smaller ones for edible perennials and herbs. I'm still filling them. 1 is full of compostable materials I'm trying to get to rot down in place, the others have a dump truck full of spent mushroom compost between them at present. They'll get mulch layers of seaweed, horse manure and woodchip amongst other things to fill up. I may put some of the chickens in an enclosure in a raised bed for a few days each over winter to work things over too. and am planning a king stropharia woodchip mulch underneath the squash in their bed. Exciting times!
Rick & Carol

Those are some big beds!!! I'm impressed

Well done that,s  a great job looking forward to updates  

Those before and after pictures shows how much work you have put into it  

Well done

We will continue to watch your progress with the garden.

Where do you live that planning is so complicated?
Dave C

Very well done  

Your hard work will reap you a lot of rewards next year  

That is fantastic what a great place you have there.
tai haku

Thanks all! Nice to get lovely feedback.

kaz wrote:

Where do you live that planning is so complicated?

Guernsey Kaz.

Long time no see.  That's MAGNIFICENT !

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