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New traps?

I've got to hang around the place today and wait for a delivery to arrive, I've ordered some new traps to help me keep a grip of any pests on the smallholding.

I've ordered four 'T-Rex' rat traps and a mink cage trap.

I've used Fenn traps for a number of years and had some good results with them but a resurgence of hedgehogs has made me reluctant to use them. By going back to the break back traps and placing them carefully, I'm hoping to avoid the problem.

Vicious looking beggars but then, the only good rat is a dead rat.

Watch your fingers
Dave C

Shot my first Mink last week, never seen one round here before.

I either have more mice back or I have rats.  But things are being knocked down from shelves again...

ETA - something else has just crashed down in the kitchen - if it is rats again I do not know what to do.

Dave C wrote:
Shot my first Mink last week, never seen one round here before.

Now there's a coincidence Dave. I bought a mink trap when I ordered the rat traps.

My new T-Rex rat traps were delivered today. They certainly look to be the business.
I've got quite a few of the 60 litre blue barrels surplus to my business and I'm thinking of cutting the bottom five or six inches off some of them so that I can set the traps under them with a couple of holes for the rats to go into them by. If the idea works, it should keep the birds off and save me dipping into my pocket for rat trap stations. What do you think, will the idea work?
When I placed the order with the company, I also ordered a mink cage trap from the company. I've never seen any mink around here but in the past I've caught polecats and rats in Fenn traps. The instructions for the mink say to use fish as bait, what would folks use for stoats, polecats and rats? I know that rats love fish.

Dave you need to get those Mink gone. They could wipe you out in a night.
Dave C

It wasn't at my place it was on the shoot, but just the same it had to be gone.

We have had a few IBC's chewed through by rats and squirrels, so we left them in place and set some fen traps in them, worked well.

Also use a lot of tunnel traps along there runs, work well along side the birds.
We put fence posts across steams with traps on them for stoats and also posts leaning against feeders with traps halfway up for squirrels.

Use peanuts as bait for squirrels and rats and any offal or fish for Mink.

Use different traps for rats to what you use for stoats  

Karen did some weeding in the garden and found a stonking big dead rat. Thankfully she was wearing gloves or I don't think she would have been so unconcerned. I've been having some rat poison going this last few days now.

Juli, you need to get some rat poison down. It'll take care of your visitors whether they be rats or mice.

This is the mink trap that I've got. To be honest, I'm not the sharpest knife in the draw    and it took me some time to work out how to set the beggar !

bodger wrote:
Juli, you need to get some rat poison down. It'll take care of your visitors whether they be rats or mice.

I am not bothered, much, by the mice, but then there were rats?  Mice are tiny and living on an agricultural Moshav, we have mice.  Ickle mice.  But I do not keep food out and only prep food on boards, but RATS?  

OK so not Big Rats but having had to give in and get those horrid stick pads...    and then cotched a rat on one...  which flew out of the bin when I chucked it in...  and BIT me and would not let go...

...and being late at night the gates were closed so the ambulance could get in.

Oh, forget it.  The second rat bite was only about a month after the first one when the ambulance had finally gotten in and taken me to the orstible for a tetanus shot so I ignored it.

So, the guy who runs the Macolet [little store across the road] got someone to put down itsy bitsy of poison.  Well out of the way of Tikva.  And I found one dead rat in the middle of the kitchen floor and one dead rat under my recliner in my salon.

I still have those horrid sticky pads down but so far no mice, no rats - the only thing they cotched were ickle pink house geckos.  Sad.

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