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New Section

As promised, here's our new section. We obviously hope that it will become a useful resource for anyone who already keeps bee's or who is contemplating taking up this absorbing hobby.
If you have any friends who have an interest in the subject, please let them know about this section, we are going to need all the help and assistance we can get in getting this off the ground. If anyone has any contacts, we could do with cultivating a few experts.

OH is an expert now-he's on week five of his course and knows everything!    

Brill to see the new section up Bodge. Now to plot some questions for our ex-spurts!!

We've got to some how get hold of some experts first

I've never really fancied bees myself, me and pain don't get on. I was a self employed pest controller for some years and had to deal with quite a few swarms. I was very lucky to be honest, in as much as one of my friends was and still is the bee officer for the area. He always looked after me and was very keen to get his hands on any swarms that I had reported to me. It worked a treat for both of us. I got paid for the job and he got the bees.

All worked well up until one particular day. We had taken a  swarm with absolutely no problem. We took them in a car, in a box to where he had about 40 hives and it was only after some of his own bees had chased me for two or three hundred yards and stung me on the eyelid that he saw fit to tell me that that season he had some very aggressive colonies.

Going on from this subject, I've been trying like mad to get a bee keeper that would keep some of his hives in our orchard, but as yet, havent had any success.

oww lovely, will make for interesting reading, love finding out about new things even if I dont/cant do them  

If I ever manage to get some bees for my new hive I will be looking for advice.

Why not have a hive of your own in the orchard even if its not for collecting from. Some thing like mine, its a Top Bar Hive. Supposed to be low maint.


I tell you what Richard  You can have your hive in my orchard.


I will be following this section with interest, I live just outside Reading and have only seen 1 Honey Bee this year, it was in the window and I let it out.

I have seen lots of different sorts of Bumble Bees, hope my tomatoes and stuff get pollinated



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