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New section on the Home Pages

We have created a new section on the Forum Home Pages.
It is going to be for OTG members current projects. We hope to encourage people to start a thread with their latest project and continue to blog it on that thread.
The projects can be almost anything from training a dog, curing a skin, making a chicken shed (starting an orchard ) - just about anything.
Members will do just as they did before and post on the relevant section for the project that they have chosen. Then we will either pick it up or get a nudge from yourself to add it to the home pages, where prospective new members will be able to get a taste of the forum when they first log on.
This facility is open to all members both new and old. If this idea blossoms, then the Current OTG Project section should become a flagship for the forum that we can all be proud of.
This new section will only work if members get involved and become part of our community.
Bodger & Kaz
green man

What a splendid idea .  

That's brill. We finally seem to be getting somewhere with the allotment so that might be one for Polidori and I  

Thanks kaz
Celtic Eagle

Like the idea, how will it get populated ?

us posting or send to the mods to post?


You will post the start of your project as normal in the appropriate section of the forum and keep updating the same thread as the project progresses.
Admin will link the project thread to the home pages
Celtic Eagle


Watch this space
Celtic Eagle

I've been thinking  winter projects

Knockdown picnic table Thanks for the link Gareth !
Chook house shelter roof
Sheltered workspace and cook house on the lottie
4 bottle beer carrier
and if I get really carried away a pole lathe

I keep you all posted

Celtic Eagle wrote:

and if I get really carried away a pole lathe

I am wanting to make one of those as well plus a shaving horse.

We look forward to your future projects.

Which server are you using? I run a bird of prey centre in the Highlands, i really need to put some information online, it seems the telephone is not contact enough in todays day and age....I was giong to pay someone to do it but my partners son says thats silly and a waste of money as its so easy...but i really dont know. I think it's wise to use 1&1 who i get my pohone connection from anyway to atleast put it in the buisness listings. Anyway, here's the link if anyone needs it.

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