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New season

OH and DD coulcnt wait any longer and sowed....

...... spinach,tomatoes,salad leaves,nicotiana,gazania,sweet peas.basil and pea shoots. Also planted the new potatoes in the greenhouse.

Roll on spring!! Love Lizzie

Wow! We're still mostly frozen! Hope everything grows great for you!

well by my bit of ground, the top 4" has thawed, but the nest 12"is still frozen.
My garden has now been re overun with weeds again aftere I had it all prepped for planting. Then I realised I know absolutely NOWT over planting.

So, now I am going to prep the bit of garden - again.
its 20 x 15 m,


so I am still building my SB studio but I rally need to get my "kitchen garden " started.

So, what would be the best fruit and veg seeds to sow in a light, sandy / loamy soil that drains well and gets a good dose of sun in the mid day through to mid-afternoon?

I hope to have a greenhouse built in the spring so, any good suggestions will be gladly acceptted, and photos WILL BE POSTED as wips and proof that I am trying.


Firstly I would draw and plan the area on paper, as near to scale as possible.

Where to site your G/house, compost and maybe a shed...whatever you feel you will need.

I'D plan so the beds are about 1.2mt wide and 3-4mt long, with paths 0.6mm wide.
Allow for soft fruit beds,
orchard trees if required,asparagus and rhubarb beds and any others you wish to have.
Using stakes and string mark out the area, digging one bed at a time, row by row. Each row dug, I'd be down on hands and knees removing all the roots ready to compost or burn. Repeat with the next row and same until the first bed is ready.Double digging if required.

Once dug over, if possible get hold of plenty of well rotted farm manure, chuck it over the bed and let the elements do their work.

Come mid to late March dig it over, it will be ready to plant out your seed potatoes.

In the meanwhile set some leeks in trays or deep buckets/pots. By the time your taking out your early spuds the leeks will be ready to plant in their place.

Slowly you will develope, plan and re-plan the whole plot and be digging over more and more beds, while getting more and more ideas of what you want to grow in your new vedgetable garden.

Best of luck with it and happy gardening

DiginDeep is so right about getting the soil right before you start planting out.

I always says only grow what you likes to eat. And a lot of useful information comes on the back of seed packets.

A handy reference guide is the good old Vegetable Expert book by D.G. Hessayon. Comes with pictures and simple advice on what different crops like.

Ive just been out and tidies the greenhouse and washed all the shelving down. Actual veg garden is still totally sodden thats why we grow a lot of stuff in wooden crates. OH made them from floorboards and pallets a few years ago and they are fantastic for getting early salad crops and early forcing carrots ready. All seeds are in propagators in the conservatory. Cant wait for the first seedling! Love Lizzie

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