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New River Cottage series

River Cottage 'Every Day' Sunday 19 September at 8pm running for eight shows on Channel 4."


I shall watch it of course but hope HFW will not just resurrect bits of old programmes again! And I hope he's knocked some of the dreadful puns on the head - my 6 year old comes out with better ones! Love Lizzie

He certainly has a habit of using old footage in his so called new programmes. Its a bit of a cheat really isn't it?

He never actually owned the original River Cottage either. A good friend of mine lives in Axeminster and knows the guy who owned the cottage that was used for filming....

Ditto the red landrover he potters around in.......

Oh......and the boat they used for filming the fishing was on loan from some strange coincedence it is now owned by another friend of mine who runs it as a charter boat operating out of Whale Island in Portsmouth.......

The River Cottage shop does exsist in Axeminster, but how they actually sell anything I'll never know.......a free range chicken is twenty quid!!!!

Hugh used to rent the cottage as a holiday home then hit on the idea of RC - he never actually lived there at all.

and his hair is a wig too.  

Now he would be the first candidate for an OTG basin cut...

Throat cut would be better but not till after the other money spinning, con artist, Jimmy of Jimmy's (Ha Ha) Farm fame.

We popped in to the RC shop/cafe as we went through Axminster on our way back from Dorset. It was really expensive and -dare I say it FILTHY.The floor  in the cafe is rough concrete and covered in gunk and flies everywhere due to the fact that they open the whole of the front window to sell bread and veg. Not impressed at all. Love Lizzie

We went to one of the RC events last year and were also not impressed. He was supposed to turn up for a book signing at 10am, still hadn't turned up by 2pm and we left in disgust. No excuses or apologies. We had booked a gluten free meal then when we requested it were told we couldn't have one. My hubby got a spinach risotto and it tasted of cleaning fluid. We complained and got nowhere. Absolute rip off of a rubbish!

I went into the Axminster shop about a year ago (my Sis in Law lives in a nearby village) and I have to say . . . I was totally unimpressed!  Both by the cleanliness (or lack of it) and the apparent commercialisation and stock of products that were (some of them) not at all local to the area nor the sort of product I would expect to see in an establishment such as that considering the supposed ethics of the man behind it!  Won't be bothering again.

just looked ahead on the tv planner and it says its come dine with me at 2000 on channel 4

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