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new pup on the horizon

I'm slipping deeper into the dark side of cockerdom with a new pup due to arrive in a week or so. Off to take a look next week I've a choice from two, both black.....

The dam is a tidy little bitch placed in a novice trial last season and with a couple of CoM, the sire is FTch Mallowdale Gun who has sired a lot of Ft dogs so the breeding is good and fingers crossed the pup should turn out to be a tidy little dog.

Slipped further into the darkside now with two cockers and just the one springer, but Beren will ( touch wood ) work his first season this year and the springer is solid so time for another pup. Equilibrium shall be restored however next year when I breed from my ESS bitch and hopefully get a bitch pup to keep and so spaniel balance shall be restored, unless I keep two

Let us know which pup you chose and why?

kaz wrote:
Let us know which pup you chose and why?

Agree please keep us in touch...

Do not forget photos please

Looking forward to this
Dave C

Sounds like exciting times mate.  

There must be something in the air as i have just had my Lab lined and will be keeping a pup from her

although i am quite fancying a small ESS myself  

Oh I'm sure i will post a snap or two

Good luck Dave C , I'm opting to get the cocker pup this year and take a springer from the bitch next year as I'm thinking it'll be less stress .....hahaha, we can dream
Dave C

Yes sounds like you have a good plan in mind mate and if it works out you will have a nice team of Spaniels there  

Good look with everything pal.

Ive been thinking for some time of getting a little cocker bitch.  Id really like to offer a rescue home (my current and previous dogs were both rescue golden retrievers)to a year oldish bitch, but these are just not available when and where you want.
Im not keen to get a working cocker - never had a working dog, John dosnt do enough shooting to make it fair on the dog.  I just want a blue roan bundle to love and adore me....

something like this....

Dave C

Nothing stopping you getting a nice working type, they make excellent pets as well.

If I was thinking of getting a working strain cocker as a pet I'd avoid one with too much trialing blood in it, these seem very popular at the minute; as these dogs are bred to have plenty of drive and be hard hunting dogs. They do make decent pets but would require a high degree of stimulation and training, otherwise on walks they'll get their nose down and be gone.....for a while. Just an observation, and of course stimulation doesn't mean shooting, but highly bred trialing dogs are not really designed to be pets and there are several of them rehomed after it all goes awry.A nice tidy shooting dog strain however would make an ideal companion.

Away from the voice of doom      

We travelled up to pick the pip on Saturday, he is a tidy little thing black with a white chest. The mother was a nice sharp thing very responsive, official KC name is Dakota Frodo, I'm calling him Abel and we are going back Friday to bring him home. There is one more pup left if there is anyone seriously interested in a very well bred shooting/trialing prospect.

Had a degree of difficulty leaving as his shooting bitch had 7 pups two weeks ago, getting wee Tom and his mum away from these never mind our pup was,,,,errrr,,,,lengthy.  

Oh almost forgot, why did I choose him.

Well I did all the technical stuff, got down played with them both, chucked a sock about for them to retrieve, waved my pheasant wing around enticingly and watched how they reacted. Then watched them run around together for a bit, forgot which dog did what and plumped for the one with the most white on his chest because I thought that would like nicer...duh    

To be honest there wasn't much between them, the entire litter looked grand, the breeder is keeping back one, possibly two, has been tossing balls and socks about for them so all good natural retrievers and in all honesty it's pretty much a lottery at this age (7 weeks) so I went with eye appeal in the end as I guess most people do.

Were off on Wed to visit Canburne so John can get his gun sighted in and give him a little 'boy and toy' time.
He has golden retreivers, so ill no doubt talk to him about pups and stuff.

Our wild fowling club chairman has golden retrieves, I'm quite an admirer of them, his workers are. Very dark golden colour rather than the quite pale you see in a lot of show bred stock.

All boys need time with their toys


First attempt to load photos taken with the IPad, using the IPad, first few photos of Abel as requested hope its worked...oh Tom is in boys and pups, plus his, Abel's, new pals.

Ahhhh bit sideways, sorry about that folks don't know how to spin them all this tech is too much for me, any admins who know how to do such things feel free to modify if you are able too, it's an U45 world y'know
Border you use Photobucket to up load your pics to the forum?

If you do, once you have found the image in your photobucket library, then double click on it which will make it larger.

On the right hand side of screen you will see a list of things under a box heading Media options two of which are rotate to left or right, click on which ever and this will turn your image.  

Hope this helps.

I do on the PC I just uploaded these straight from the IPad memory
Dave C

Nice strong looking pup bb

Good luck with it  

Gotta be honest Barraboy, I'm bally useless on most mod gadgets, times I double click or have to get DD or someone to get me out the proverbial...

They are great pics, very clear, well done....even if I now have a crick in my neck...        
great pics...well done

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