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New Potatoes

I was not able to dig my veg patches in time because of my broken leg so I thought I would have a go at new spuds in bags.
This is a photo of the first two "Home Guard".
I have planted 3 more later (different varieties) so we will have a succession, hopefully !!!

I think they are looking OK.

Over the years I have grown many spuds in buckets, but this year I am trying the raising box method. This is where you add additional sections to the height of an open top & bottom box and top up with soil and compost etc. to encourage really heavy cropping. It is a bit like ridging up constantly but is more intensive. I am using a set up similar to this, but with that almost unique "Gareth" twist to it............. I'll show you sometime late next week when I've got it all up and running properly.

Looks good Gareth.
I've used the same method but in a bag.
Started off with 6" compost, set the seed spuds and covered with about 4" more compost and have been unrolling the bag and covering them as they grow.
I'm leaving them now to flower and then start harvesting, fingers crossed.
I've only ever grown them in the ground before.
Captain Cockerel

Hey Gareth,

I'm assuming it's only the one layer of seed tatties you actually plant then?
This sounds a cracking idea for me and my limited space.

Yes mate.

Just the one planting of seed potatoes.

My box frame sections are each 50cm X 50 cm X 15cm high, so I have put only 2 chitted potatoes into each box.  As the two plants in each box grow up, you pile on more soil and compost and supposedly they grow more tubas.....I am aiming to finish cropping in my boxes at a maximum of 90cm or six sections high

We done similar to this a few years ago using old car tyres, great for space saving but we realised that we'd spent so much on bags of multi purpose compost it'd have been cheaper to just buy our spuds weekley from the green grocer.  

I bunged some "left over" seed potatoes (var "spuda") into troughs on the balcony. Not heavy croppers, but I had quite a few small "new" potatoes to enjoy. Those in the garden were really prolific - very happy with them this year.

new potatoes

I set 54 Red Duke of York in the greenhouse on Ist Feb  & dug the first on 22nd  May. The first root had 2 monsters so I dug a second root, it had 7 just right size. I keep getting the odd big one, so we are having them as chips.

Just tipped the last bag out.
They have done well. 5 bags, 4 seed spuds in each. They have averaged 4lb per bag. They were mostly golf ball size so would have made more weight if left.

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