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New Marketing Strategy for Bodger

Do you see anything lacking here?  After much thought I've decided there is.

I think the words "Internationally Acclaimed" would be a big selling point for the cider and to do this I believe that there are several members  across the pond - myself included - who would be willing to go out of their way to sample some of this nectar.  Once consumed, we could acclaim it and Bodger could have that on his van.  I personally think this is a grand idea.

"BB", sorry mate but Wales/England does not constitute "International"  

Now this one is famous all over the U.K.


Bazzer wrote:
"BB", sorry mate but Wales/England does not constitute "International"  

Ah, but 'WALES.........ENGLAND..........GEORGIA' does  

I'm with you BB we could try it as well and then say world wide    

Yes loved that little yellow peril     Bazzer

I'm waiting for the Christening Party to be announced  

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