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New housing plans will hit Green Belt

Have a look at this, its not what I want to hear or see !

Thats an awful lot of the British countryside disappearing under concrete never to be seen again.

I've no problem with brown field sites being redeveloped and built on but our green and pleasant land ? :angry4: :angry4: :angry4:

I don't know how the figures would stack up but to my mind there are at least two issues that need addressing before they should go down the proposed route

Firstly the immigration issue. How can the government allow thousands of people into the country each year when it would appear that we havent enough housing for those already here ?

Secondly the second house or holiday home issue. We live in a fairly free country where people are free to own as many houses as they like, but something, I don't know what needs, to be done about this situation.
I live near villages where as many as 70% of the houses lie empty for most of the year . Our particular area is highly sort after by second home owners and although other areas are not as badly affected, it still means that a large amount of the countrys housing stock is unavailable to people needing houses.
I doubt that the government has the appetite for addressing this problem and the only people rubbing their hands together will be Gordon Browns house builder chums

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