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New horse and other doggy pics!

Here are a few piccies of my new horse, Sweet Lily.

The ridden one was in summer when I was umming and ahhing, and just afterwards, Pete went to buy her before she sold to someone else!

The other pics are showing off her clip that I did yesterday, Pete's looking a bit grim as he was keeping an eye on a car that had stopped over the hedge the otherside of the field, we have issues with fly-tippers around here, he was ready to go sort them out if that's what they were doing!

The other pics are my Australian Cattle Dog, Sydney, she's a babe...and the black dog is my sis in laws ancient boy called Thomas.  


Good looking, how high is she 14.2-15.0 hands?.

Not seen that clip before, is it a dingbat special

Is Sweet Lily going to do any one day eventing?

What tractors does Pete run.........first one looks like a DB painted green


She's actually 15.2, but seems to look tiny next to Pete!

It's a 'Dingbat Special' based on a chaser clip, I've left her full face on as my horses live out 24/7.

One day eventing is a plan in the pipeline!

I call the big tractor a John Deere Wannabe, it IS a DB but he got the paint given him, haha! He rebuilt it from being in three bits, and the other parts with in a large wooden box, with the wheels stacked next to it..

I think the other tractor is a International Macormick 275.....apparently. :p

A cracking horse , you will be well pleased with that one , well done ,and thanks for sharing , i love being green eyed !

Shes lovely   heres to you having years of fun with her  

Sweet Lily is gorgeous!  Here's to many years of fun with her
My old loan horse was a Lily (short for Lily-loppy-lugs as she had donkey ears).  Nothing wrong with the clip either!

Your dogs look lovely too.

Ooh she is gorgeous. My kind of horse!! Lucky you.

Have just seen this post, Lilly looks lovely.  Will keep an eye out for you both around the shows next summer, enjoy

Claire x

We will have to meet up Claire!

Actually done nothing the last three weeks, Pete hurt his back badly when he was putting a new chimney pot up so I've been doing all the things he usually does at the weekends.

Look forward to the spring and lighter evenings so can get out and about!

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