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New home for our ducks

Our current duck run is getting somewhat dingy.  The grass is now almost non-existent and there is a slimy, muddy area around the pool.  So we decided that we needed an alternative run and home for them to use while the present one recovers.

Solution:  Partition off a bit of one of the barns to use as a house and attach a run to this.

Problem:  not a lot of dosh to spare at the moment.

1) Repair hole in barn wall with stones lying around the place, sand saved when we knocked down a very thick internal stone wall in the house and a bit of a leftover bag of cement.  
2) Put a 'new' door in the repaired hole.  Said 'new' door and frame having been saved when we removed the internal wall.  
3) Nab some pallets from outside our local supermarkets and use these plus several bits of wood lying in the barns to build a 'wall' inside the barn.
4) Use leftover fencing and fence posts culled from our local wood to make enclosure.

Hey presto, a lot of work (and I guess we had to originally pay for the cement, nails, screws and fencing), but basically a free new duck house and run!  



Excellent job    

Looks good enough to me, well done  

Don't forget to claim for it on expenses!! Whoops.


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