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New dog (well new last year!)

People may remember that we had a few Labradors in the past (well-we still do have four!) and bred a few litters. However we decided on a change and last year, after being on a fair few waiting lists, we brought home this girl. She's beautiful and an absolute pain in the arse badly behaved gundog!!  

How many people know what breed she is?  

I give up, what breed is she? 'Bad Girl' Breed


Yep-a Large Munsterlander. Not many in the country....and now we know why!!  
An absolute barmpot with no interest in food or retrieving is making her a hard dog to train, but we are getting there....slowly!

We have a Gordon Setter which is much the same, shes 6 years old and still totally nuts[/u]
Dave C

Hi freckle, is she pointing yet?
I know some develop this later.

What type of work are you hoping to do with her?

Hmmm...she does point occasionally, but usually she runs like buggery after anything barking away!
She is sharp as anything picking up commands but all she wants to do is hunt and blast around at 100mph! She will retrieve in the house and garden but once we're in the open field she has no interest in anything but the scents of the wild.
We have just attended our first group gundog session and we (trainer and myself!) were expecting her to be terrible and just bolt off at every opportunity but she was actually pretty good-especially compared to a couple of naughty spaniels and a lab!
But we are making progress-she usually does come back eventually now and she tends not to jump every hedge and fence in front of her!
I'm not sure what I plan to do-I was hoping to take her picking up or even try a bit of trialling but the way we are going I'll be happy for an obedient pet! I've never trained a working dog before-our Labs were meant for working but husband didn't do a thing with them so they are just pets, but even one of my 9 yr old bitches is picking up the gundog training quicker than the Monster Munster! It would help if she had more of a food drive but she just isn't bothered with eating so it's hard to persuade her that you are more interesting and rewarding than that pheasant she has just put up!

That sounds so familiar, we have given up on any thoughts of working with ours and have settled for an almost obedient pet! At least obedient when it suits her!

How big do Moster Munterlanders grow?

I have seen them occasionally at the Game fair and really like the look of them.
Clip of one hunting here - points long time

She stands just a fraction bigger than our male Lab.
So although she won't retrieve dummies or balls etc in the field (will do inside) we have now established she will retrieve huge carrots! 🥕 What is that all about?!    
One breeder we were on a long list for pups with worked his bitch but said they work very differently to Labs so many people don't like them.

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