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New Cider and Apple Juice Pump

The summer season for our cider sales isn't quite over yet and we're already reinvesting some of our cider takings. Yesterday this new cider and apple juice pump was delivered. The advantage that this one has over the one that we're currently using is that it has an in line filter attached.

To my eyes it looks a little bit complicated but hopefully, my science officer AKA Karen, will soon get the hang of how to use it.

Looks like the dogs................what ever  ....But I know owt about  it...just love having new toys to play with...

Did I tell you about my new hedge trimmers.. bargain price as well..........      

We need some of those too At least I can more or less understand how those work.

Nice looking bit of kit Mr B

Can I ask how you have found this bit of kit?  I mean how easy etc to use.

its a doddle for me, I just get Kaz to set it up. It actually pretty simple and has the advantage over some pumps in that it doesn't need to be primed.

Nice looking piece of kit, it will certainly make life alot easier.

It was a boon last season.

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