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New building

ExcuseKieran playing with the emoticons.............


We have been seriously exploring the possibility of erecting some more space,and thanks to a friend in Devon, we have now decided to put 2 extentions to our big shed.

The foundations are down for 1which we hope to complete within a fornight.  It will be 5 ft deep by 8 ft long with an overhang for a wood store.  This little extention will house my youngster chicken, incubators and all my bee paraphenalia.

The big shed willbe a GP building with a shower, WC & basin in a loo, and a big room with sink, units and a wooburner.
At times it will be of use as a classroom for thecourses we run, and also as a teen chill out area (when they have friends over). I will put in a big long table and I can do my stained glass out there.
The worrying thing was the cost - but a couple dropped in the other day an offered us adouble marley garage free, so were going to use that!  All we have to arrange now is to line it!

The woodburner is the one we replacedin the living room with th new all singing all dancing water heating one.

I'm glad that someone else is knee deep in building work. Sometimes it seems that things will never be finished but it will all be worth it in the end.
Keep at it and let us know how the finished article turns out.

Itwas all supposed to be finishedby now, but the weather has been against us all summer.

We are back at college soon and Christmas is around the corner (why does time pass so quickly when you get older?).

And we have a OTG would be welder joining us for a couple of days this week....................more info and possible photos later in the week.

Don't take any pics. Lorry. It'll break the camera lens.

Think I feel a spell coming on.
Makes a change from Kermit.

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