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new bees

do you need a permit for bees???  

No, unless you are going to train them for special forces work......

normal 'civilian' bees dont need a permit or license.

Or setting up a "sting"


doh,,how silly do i feel?            

Ive had bees for a long time now and really enjoy them.
Although I dont really get to meet them on a very personal level, I always know that the ones in my garden are (or are most probably) mine, and their colonies have definate personality traits.
Just now i have 3 colonies -
One is very busy, very friendlyand I hardly have to do anything except give them more room in the summer.  The second are a noisy, moody lot.
They are angry when i open them and I have to wait a few minutes to let them come to terms with me 'doing my nosy'.
The third lot (next to my new orchard) are as laid back as you come.
Lovely queen and sweet, quiet and friendly.  This is the hive I start teaching with - as it really build confidence in new would-be bee keepers.

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