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stir crazy

new arrivals

Get a load of this. Pottering around the yard today and a chap in a van turns up. Do we have a spare corner for some honey bees of course we do. I know nothing about bees but really like the idea of a few hives in the front paddock. of course payment will have to be the odd jar of honey  

Anything specific I need to know?

Re: new arrivals

stir crazy wrote:
Anything specific I need to know?

Hope you and yours aren't allergic to bee stings would be a good start I guess.

Lucky you - REALLY locally produced honey  

Don't spray pesticide without letting him know,don't mow too close to the hives without protection,don't make jam or similar with the windows open and don't stand in front of the hive entrance---enjoy your honey
p.s. Traditional rent was a jar of honey per hive--but especially in a good year b.k's are usually more generous.

Great stuff      we used to have some on here like that just built a little fence around to stop cattle knocking into them and the honey was great  

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