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New additions to the menagerie

We bought Jen 2 Guinea Pigs for Christmas. It almost killed us keeping the secret so that it was a total surprise for her on Christmas morning
We have never had them before and they seem to be lovely creatures, very nimble when you are trying to catch them but very calm as soon as you have got hold of them. I was a bit worried that they would bite but they haven't even attempted it.
Their names are Parsnip and Honey    and I'll try to get some photos of them


I hope you have sexed them properly or in a few weeks you will has 20 GP's.  

Good eating though  

What do the borders think? Do be careful, they can be sweet as sweet, then kill 'em in a flash.

Oh I adore guinea pigs. The ones I adopted after their owner died have both now died unfortunately, I think they were quite elderly though.
I love the squeaking and chirping and purring noises they make.
My dad always maintained that their guinea pig used to pre-empt the air raid sirens in the war. When the g.pig started squeaking and going frantic they'd all get off double quick to the air raid shelter, taking guinea with them!

They are in the farmyard sharing a pigsty with the ducks (confused yet? )
The ducks go into a pigsty at night but there is a shelf above them where we have put the g.pig hutch.
We know that we couldn't have them anywhere near the house where the border terriers and lurcher could get a sniff of them
Bodger built me an aviary adjoining a shed in the garden but as it comes down to ground level, one of the borders was constantly trying to dig her way through the wire so the birds had to be moved

Ah bless, I love guineas!  They are so talkative - yes, really, they "meep" at you!  I've never had them but they always make me smile when I see them at work.  They make much better pets than rabbits, in my opinion (especially for children, although I know your DIL isn't a child!)

Are they having any outside access?  They need sunlight and fresh air, and will generally thrive outdoors all year round as long as they have a draught free, dry hutch to snuggle up in.  

Enjoy your pigs!

Guineapigs are so lovely!! Have 5 left now, youngest 2 yo. OH has just this week acquired 2 belgian Hares - they are sooo pretty! Though have taken up vital broody space    

Belgian Hares grow huge don't they?

9lb in weight I have read somewhere. Will try & find something to weigh them with, they are about 6 months I think, really friendly.

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