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Net Making Demonstration

Once again I will be demonstrating net making,  giving free net making lessons
and displaying my traditional Pennsylvania Dutch nets at the Goschenhoppen Folk
I will be there Saturday August 10 only. Tony

Would you consider showing what you do on here? I'm too far to see it in person, but would still love to see it nonetheless. Pleeeeassse?  

Rena.   Sorry you can't get to the festival.  In the meantime:
Some of the nets I will have on display are
Hammer net (my avatar)
Dip Net
Minnow Trap

I have posted several tutorials on the Crafts and Country Skills  section of this forum.  Scrool down a bit for making a net bag.  Search for netmaking and you will find the instructuions I wrote 30 years ago.  Tony
P.S.  Click on "Photos/slideshow" at the top of the link to the festival.  When I am demonstrating I don't get a chance to see what else is going on.

Thank you so much! I am not disappointed! You do amazing work. Thank for going out of your way to post the links.

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