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Nest Box

I've just moved the ducks to a new home.
They have allways had 3 old, semi retired, hens with them so they have gone with them.
I thought I had better provide the hens with a nest box as they have always laid in one.
The ducks have always laid on the floor so no problem there.
I went in to collect the eggs today, the hens hav'nt laid (they are semi retired after all) and I collected 6 duck eggs off the floor.
I expect around 10 or 12 a day from the ducks but I thought moving must have put them off.
Then looking round to check I hadn't missed any and b****r me there were 4 duck eggs in the nest box. First time ever !!  
Dave C

Well worth the weight there pal  

What time of ducks are they ?

Ducks trained by old hens  

Khaki Campbells and Aylesbury, Dave

Good point Sod, I hadn't thought about the hens being teachers.  

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