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need some rabbit info

i'm about to get a couple of angora rabbits, i haven't kept rabbits since i was a kid. any tips, ideas, advice, etc on keeping them? i'm familiar with the breed as far as plucking/brushing the fur since i'm hoping to spin for yarn :-)

oh heck......i used to keep angoras for exactly the same reason.......till i became allergic to their hair......

the best thing to do with them is to keep them on wire....this preserves the fibres......they have to be blown out every day, to stop matting, and clipped 2 a year.
and they also ned quite a large cage/hutch.

i kept white, blue, smokey and total i had

holy cow!! well i'm planning to start with two females and go from there LOL i'm getting a fawn and a REW to start, i would like an agouti and a lilac as some point as well.
when you say blown out do you mean like with a hair dryer?
i was planning to brush them regularly for fiber, i prefer plucked to cut, it spins softer i feel tho i know some rabbits don't shed well so i guess it depends on how well these two let go of their fur.
thats so sad you became allergic to them!! i love the feel so much i'd almost just pop an antihistimine and go with it anyway LOL right now i  have some of the fiber i just picked up at a farm thing and i blend it with some alpaca i have on hand. nice and strong with less shedding than straight angora but still super soft, love it.
March Hare

rabbit info

The only thing I can add re rabbit keeping is beware of fly strike in the summer, you can get them treated by the vets to stop this - so I've been told.
green man

I know they like a little fresh mint as a treat now and again .

minty bunny breath! lol

bramble........yep with a hairdryer on
his is where my probs were, the hair would get in my eyes and they would swell up.......which was such a shame really....but i still spin ( when i have the time ) very relaxing pastime......

the more i read on the blowing the more i think i will do so with a mask and eye goggles on, sounds like it blows up quite a bit of hair and dander...

it certainly does...the inside of your rabbit shed will be covered in a week... looks like cobwebs up on the rafters, on the floor, the hutches, on the wood......your clothes.....

but it is a great pastime, i wish i still had a few......all we have now is dwarf lop, kept as a pet.......i used to show rabbits too......french and dwarf lops, angoras, aswell as having a few californians for meat.......

i used to have meat bunnies but i cant bring myself to kill them and got tired of hiring out for it lol i spin yarn tho so i figure an angora can be a pet and a farm animal :-)


bet you end up with more than a couple.........  

Fly strike can usually be avoided it you clean them out v regularly (I used to clean mine out twice a day) and if there hutch/run is big enough for them not to have to sit in their poo.   Still need to watch out for it though.  


yay flies...::gurk::

i'm starting with two and hoping to keep it at two but we'll see lol

if you use another fibre with the angora ( which you should really do as angora is sooo warm, infact can be too warm it is uncomfortable ) two rabbits should produce enough fibre for a jumper poss two a year....

and keping them on wire prevents the fly strike and stained fibre.... you cannot really let angoras out in a run or on grass because of the stains on the fibre....

i blend it with alpaca. it's super soft and has amazing drape. perfect for lightweight but warm lacy shawls.

and boo stains!!  th_angry.gif

i'm planning to start with two females and go from there

Erm, 'scuse me but you won't be going anywhere from there. You need Billy the Bonking Bunny to progress.


lol well yes i guess i should've been more specific- i'm really not planning on breeding them. i'd like a few for the fur and nothing more.

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