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Nativity Play

Yesterday we went to our grandchildren's nativity play at a tiny village school.  There are so few children. Our little four year old grand daughter was (in her own words) " a three King".

I just love the school nativity! At my daughters school "Mary" unceremoniously stuffed the baby Jesus back in the magazine rack (crib) and poked him regularly during the performance! Lovely stuff - when they sang Away In A Manger there was hardly a dry eye in the house. Love Lizzie

The Nativity really lifts your spirits, doesn't it
Our grandkids play was called a 'Wriggly Nativity', (and it was   ) with songs like 'bopping up and down on a camel' and donkey braying at the top of their voices
When Mary sang to Baby Jesus, you could have heard a pin drop - it's all priceless and is the highlight of our Christmas  

Years ago we went to a school nativity play and recorded it ,my mother was in hospital we went to see her and put the tape on quietly but the other patients asked us to turn it up so they could all here it .It went down very well and everybody clapped when it finished.

I used to be a teacher.  One year the head fell off baby Jesus and bounced on the floor!  Another year Mary forgot him and a teacher sent him sliding across the stage to her!  

Hilarious aren't they, nativity plays?  I remember our DS when he was in Nursery, dressed up as a sheep.  Their nursery teachers were very inventive and he had a lovely sheep's head dress made out of burber fleece, a make up job on his face, an aran jumper and a pair of cream tights - he looked gorgeous!  He coughed his way through the whole thing!

I always remember when I worked as a reception class teachers assistant a few years ago, one of our children was asked to join in a play for a special assembly where she was cast as one of the 'lepers' healed by Jesus.  She insisted she was a 'leopard' and we couldn't get her out of the idea!  At Christmas, I spotted a toy leopard in a shop and couldn't resist buying it for her to comemorate her performance!  She was delighted with it!

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