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National Trust Recipes. Asparagus bread and butter Pudding

A tempting selection of recipes on this site

The only one I've tried so far is the asparagus bread and butter pudding. Mmmmmmmmmmmm!   Dare say you could use tinned asparagus too.

I went straight to the cake recipes

It would take forever to work through that selection.

I must say that the thought of bread and butter pudding with asparagus does not sound right

Oooh! Ta! The vast majority of my recipe books are still in the loft (it's only been 2 yrs!) so this is a nice resource  

Actually my first search was the cake section kaz  

I've got a visit planned where they apparently serve 'wet nelly' as a speciality   so I wanted to see what it is .  Now that looks very good........

I shall be working my way through a lot of those recipes, I've always had a good meal at National Trust properties.

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