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name for our cider please

we are at that stage and its causing a bit of a headache.

The kids do not want to be tainted by association so Killibury Cider is not an option (just now).

It will be a slightly cloudy medium dry cider made from a mix of dessert & cider apples, no additives, still, 5%.

Im thinking a contemporary market (holidaymakers).......not the get pished quick market.

would be good to play on the blacksmith theme....or a play on words....

truly scrumptious scrumpy.....?

Loz's Liquor


Grockle Stopper

Blacksmith's Quench

No Forgeries Cider

(I'll be back later with some more (useless) suggestion  

Anvil & Bellows Cider


Hammer & Tongs Cider

Forge Mill Cider

Mine Engine Cider

Tin Miner Cider

West of the Tamar Cider

Emmet's Delight

some of those are just silly.   Its really difficult (joking aside), as we dont want to come over as the next great cider challengers and appear really up ourselves.  Its a bit of fun and if it comes off, great, then we could look at Red Hot Poker cider or whatever.....

Weve kinda narrowed it down to   Spotty dog.  So either Spotty dog cider or Spotty dog scrumpy.
Red label, black & white spaniel drawing, catchy name, aimed at 'normal people' not louts or emmets in particular....

Im looking at artwork this week.

So pint of Spotty Dog anyone?

Lorrainelovesplants wrote:
some of those are just silly.  
So pint of Spotty Dog anyone?

Only some?

Spotty Dog sounds quite quaint  

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