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Naan Bread

Afternoon all

Does anyone on the forum have a T&T recipe for this please?  I followed one this morning using plain flour (as instructed by the recipe) and it was a complete disaster!

Thank you.

Simon makes a good one using plain flour and yoghurt I think - I'll ask him for the recipe.  The main issue is I think in the cooking it quickly enough in a hot enough oven/grill

Thanks Debbie - will look out for the recipe.  To my mind, the recipe I used went wrong before it even got to the cooking stage - the dough I felt was far too "sloppy" if you know what I mean.  Am wondering if bread flour as opposed to plain flour should have been used.  I'm not much of a baker but I will not be defeated by naan bread  

There's one here from Cyrus Todiwala that uses baking powder rather than yeast. I certainly looked good when he cooked it on 'Saturday Kitchen':


Thanks midlandsman, I'll have a look  

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