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Myerscough open day

the local agricultural college, they held their annual summer fayre in grey skies this year. but nice to see the NGO present its a premier game keeping college so hopefully a few more fieldsports activities next year.

lots to see, i failed to photograph most of it but here are a few:

Thawites Brewery championship winning shires

the piper, Tom demanded we took this must be his little bit of Highland blood seeping out

Lunesdale Harriers, im a sucker for hounds

Tom with the honey bees



Picnic time

birds of prey

Drakeshead labs

on the trailer back to the car,,,

OOps bit of a photo frenzy, my apologies
Rare one

if pics are anything to go by you look to of had a good day, Young Tom sems to be enjoying it all. Great photos.

Great post
Grandma Bodger

what a lovely day you had  the shire horses are my favourite and of course young Tom thanks for the pics

Love the Bird pic's.

Excellent photos.....

They put on a better show than Duchy do........

Smashing pictures - certainly plenty to look at there. Was it well attended?
mrs tiggywinkle

Lovely post. Thanks for the pics of both the shires and young Tom. Everyone looks to have had a good day.

yes Seabird its always well attended, and fortunately ...for us...most traffic heading to it comes from the A6 while we can generally drive in from the back lanes.

the show is a showcase for the college, so there are plenty of agricultural rural activities represented: thatching displays, walling, rare breeds, milking the sheep show etc. there are also various vintage motors, displays by the forces both military and civil, a huge range of equine events in the indoor arena, plus the other displays in various rings.

all kinds of stuff fishing, ferreting, honey bees, etc etc. more of a country type fair than a specific agricultural or game fair. Tom loves it

Brilliant post. Not enough photos though   Liked the close ups of the Hawks and Falcon.

some more great pics BB...deffo going to try to get there next year!!!


Looks great stuff Barraboy thanks for sharing the images
chicken feed

that sheep shearer get to alot of the shows and we never leave the show without watching one of his demo's he knows how to grab a audience.

Myerscough OD

Brill post and photos, must try and get there next time!  I remember going to the college 30 years ago when I was a student at Rodbaston (Staffordshire College of Ag), and okay, I was only a kid, but is it still as bitterly COLD?!?!?    From what I remember, we all came back with flu!


this is the first year for about four years its not been bright blue skies, but despite the grey it was still quite warm..we get summer oop north now too

Some excellent pics, I to have a soft spot for hounds.

I used to walk to two each year for several years, for one of the shire packs.

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