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My weekend project

The area under these trees has always just been overgrown with low branches, nettles, docks etc but as I am always after somewhere to sit in the shade I attacked it this weekend to make a very shady spot. We went and bought the very comfy bench from the garden centre this morning - now it's ready for Grandma Bodgers visit in June  


That looks really inviting  

Since the picture was taken, i've arranged two empty bottles of cider on the table.
Grandma Bodger

Why empty


Grandma Bodger wrote:
Why empty


.......because Bodger and Blind Pugh had to test the seating out

    figures looks just what you will need this summer wish we had a place like that

What a wonderful spot.
Rare one

kaz wrote.......because Bodger and Blind Pugh had to test the seating out

and there was me thinking he was coming to sort the tractor out.

Love it  

Kaz - that looks a lovely space...don't let the boys have it!

It is already a favourite place in the garden  -shade during the day but catches the last of the sunlight in the evening
Rare one

I can vouch for Kaz and Bodger's garden there are some great shady spots which are also nice sun traps. Do like the seating   fits in nicely.

Visions of Nanna Nice Lady dozing there.  

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