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My website....Pest Control

Hello here's my website I was made redundant at the end of March ,I was a council pest control officer, so set up on me own.  

Looks the business mate! Hope it's bringing in the work for you?  
matt the rat


I think we know each other from elsewhere.....

Sorry to hear of your redundancy; you are one of the good guys, and I'm sure you will be OK in the private sector.

Your website looks good - a couple of observations though; firstly, I wouldn't display a mobile number - it makes you look like a one man band.  Make the best use of call diversion, and only publicise one phone number. If you buy a 'local' number (costs about 10) you can divert it to your home or mobile or whatever.

My other observation is that you claim on your website:


Fen Warreners Pest Control is based in King's Lynn and Wisbech and has been an established pest management company for over twenty years.

Which doesn't make sense to me.  Your business has either been established for over twenty years, or you've just been made redundant, or am I missing something?

I'm not having a dig mate; you are in a strong position given your contacts and history with the LA; you need to make the most of that.  You could advertise 'after 'x' number of years helping the residents of the district on behalf of the council, we've decided to offer the same fantastic service to the residents for ourselves'....

As I say, not a dig, just some advice which you are welcome to ignore.

Good luck to ye, if you need help, just ask.

Thanks Woodsmoke...I could do with some good luck

Matt...of course we know each other "from else where"

Thanks for the sound advice..will be looking into some changes there.
The time difference is because I'm taking over a business (Fen Warreners
PC) from my old  ,and he is too old now, mentor . But you've made some good suggestions and I'll certainly take another take look.
chicken feed

if you cover our area too i can past your number around.

Thank you very much chicken feed, very kind of you  

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