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my swarm video

For your delectation.......
Yorkshire Geordie

I really hope that you know what you are doing.
Watching those bees makes my skin crawl.  
Rather you than me, Hitchcock's Birds has nothing on that.

Apart from the fact that they took over my shed for the day...nah, they are fine!  When they swarm, they fill their little bee tummies up with honey and this means they cant really sting you.  They dont want to really anyway.
Anyway, they are out on a stand in the orchard, happy as Larry, all 50,000 of them!

Thank you that was great to watch are they set up to work for you now?

All happy.

We have 4 colonies this summer.  My black bees have been great, and the swarm from the shed are just normal buckfast bees, so in future there will be some crossing I think.
I may even have some honey this year.
Teaching beekeeping on Saturday.

my swarm collection vid....

so cool!!!

We collected our first swarm of he year yesterday, all safely enshrined in new hive, hopefully they stay put.

My Facebook memory from 4 years ago today popped up on my time line this morning, it read  - " Funny old day, nothing done as planned. Young cockerel culled, also a hen with egg peritonitis, hived a swarm."

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