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My supermarket.Com

Anyone else use this?

An amazing thing (OK I am probably easily pleased)  Basically I went on the sight and signed up with my email address and a password.  I then elected to do my shopping at Tesco and by following three easy steps imported the "my favourites" list from the tesco website which shows just about anything I have ever bought either on line or in store which passed through my clubcard.  I then shopped just as if I was on the tesco site and in my case using my favourites list.  Everytime I added something to my basket if there was a cheaper alternative either by down grading a brand, a special offer (BOGOF for eg) or a saving to be had by buying a bigger size it showed me in a little box above the product I had just added to my basket if i clicked on swap it automatically made the swap in my basket for me.  Whilst all this is going on there is a  little pink pig money box at the bottom of the screen showing you how much you save as you go along - I saved £10.92 on this shop but that could have been a lot more if I had either bought bigger sizes (as I did with dog food) or down graded more brands.  In addition there is a running list to the side of the screen that updates with each addition to my basket for the other main supermarkets so for me down here it was Asda, Sainsbury, Waitrose etc.  tesco happened to have the cheapest shop for me but if i had wanted to I could have just clicked on one of the other supermarkets and my shopping would automatically have swapped over to that store.  When it came to checking out I just clicked check out and I was swapped straight to tesco home page, signed in and there in my basket was all my shopping, I then just followed normal check out proceedures including changing basket note to picker book delivery slot etc.  Probably took an extra 5 minutes to do my shopping using this for the first time than normal.  Will definitely use this site again after all a saving of over £10 is still worth while so taking into account that a) I spend less when shopping on line because I don't impuls buy, B) I save at least £10 in deisal on the round trip and about 3 hours in time, and C) I saved over £10 in real money on my shop all for the price of £4.50 delivery charge.

Nicole uses it every time.

We tend to do one big monthly shop, excluding things like milk and veg, and can save a fortune.
sometimes it works out cheaper by shopping in 2 different supermarkets (after we have taken into account the diesel).
And you can print out the shopping list for both supermarkets which highlight whats cheaper in each.

shame Morrison's are not on it as well as we have one within walking distance

No Morrisons near us - neariest is Tiverton I think which is about 45 miles away.  Was impressed with the site though I only use for essentials like loo rolls, wine, Darcy and cat food etc but it still makes a difference - I will not do the 50 mile round trip to town just to shop if I don't need other things like the bank, animal feed etc etc.

Thanks for this Debbie.
I've seen the site but never really used it because I didn't trust it to do what it says it does (if that makes sense).
Might have a go next time I have a Big Shop  

wasn't a particularly big shop Mo but saving 15% on your bill is not to be sneezed at at whatever size shop - and trust me on this one - if I can use it ANYONE can.  I was particularly impressed that I could still use Tesco protected payment site and didn't have to go through that site at all as that was the main thing I was concerned about and, three hours after the shop, no Spam has arrived in my inbox except a confirmation email.

Unfortunately we've a choice of Morrisons or Morrisons and no chance of home delivery from anyone---no competition keeps the price of diesel top whack as well.

totally agree on the deisal - £1.49 a ltr her for diesal - no other petrol station for nearly 20 of the reasons I have a delivery - and until the last 6 months tesco was the only delivery you could get - is because its at least half the price of the cost of the diesal

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