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My prediction is this.

As more and more farmers can't afford to farm and have to go out of business, I predict that  there will be a big increase in former agricultural land being planted out to forestry.  Whilst its a huge tragedy for the farming community it could be beneficial for the UKs environment. I say the UKs environment, because obviously , our food has still got to be produced somewhere in the world.

The government is going to be in a win win situation. Its been common knowledge for a long time now that the govenment don't want the UK farming.  By pushing this policy it will get exactly what it wants at the same time as massivley improving its green credentials in the eyes of the public.
So, stand by for a changing face of the countryside. Any land that Gordon Brown doesn't build houses on could become a forest in the future.

Lets hope that they go for broadleaf at the very least.
green man

I predict it will be acres and acres of oil producing crops! :-?

green man wrote:
I predict it will be acres and acres of oil producing crops! :-?

Afraid that I agree. :sad11:

You know what I really can't understand and have never been able to stomach is the way these politicians refuse to think ahead. Each Prime Minister is just out for their own glory and leaves a heap of sh one t for the next to sort out (observe Blairs gifts to Brown!). They just do not think of any future for our country/world/planet. Yes we would have to endure hardships for this to change but so what? We have it all so comfortable these days. I walk past peoples houses on a cold day a nd see people in t shirts, vest tops etc and think 'why can't they just put on a sweater and turn down the thermostat a bit. These people are always the ones on benefits in Housing Association houses I'm afraid. Those of us who have mortgages and work 6 days a week to pay all our bills including dentists and opticians know how degrees centigrade translate into graft!
But I deviate - sorry but do you see my point? Add the layers and get moving to keep warm rather than add to the heating emissions.

I think all politicians only have one thing at the forefront of their mind and thats winning the next election and that all their policies are tempered by this.

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