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My poor boy....

My youngest is desperate for a Harris Hawk as his starter bird for a lifetime of falconry! Unfortunately since we have so much other stuff to look after we are not prepared to take that step until he is a few years older (he is only 9). He has an amazing knowledge of all birds but particularly birds of prey and helps a neighbour out with his red tailed hawk when he can. We have had 2 injured sparrow hawks here for him to care for (OH job allows it without the need for any licences for a year) but unfortunately neither have made it. This is him after the death of the second bird, having to make do with a toy bird and feeling rather upset.......bless him!


Anyone tell me why the act of posting my pics is turning them 180degrees?!?

I don't know

I hope he gets his hawk when he is older.

I say same I'm sure he will  great with one when he is olderas he loves them already
marlin vs

Here you go freckle.

Well done Marlin...      

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