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My ponies today


Eeeek, shadow!

Elnoor's new party trick!

And Galiooo!

And tinsel abuse haha . She doesn't even bat an eye lid!

Flying reindeer!



We send the ponies to live with you and you do that to poor Gali  - how did she manage to get all 4 feet off the ground at once. I thought that you said that she had lost weight - she looks like a little barrel to me.

Bean looks a bit sweaty (and thin)

and Elnoor............scary pony

I know. She needs clipping and needs to stop stressing!!!
Grandma Bodger

What a treat to see the horses trust you to dress one up for Christmas how long does it take you deal with them before you go to work  

Takes just over an hour to sort them out in the morning  

I love the dun - I had one that was the exact image of yours. Hes still going strong in his loan home aged 33. Love Lizzie

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