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My petstock

I haven't got a livestock yet, only 5 chickens for the eggs.
But I do have petstock
3 rabbits,
10 cats,
6 young salamanders
and this friday I will have soms young blue fish.

One rabbit came from a woman in my neighbourhood, the rabbit broke out from her garden everyday to meet up with my rabbits, so this woman gave the rabbit to me. It now lives with her rabbitfriends and the 5 chickens and is very happy.
One cat I have found on the street, was probably only 5 weeks old, abused and dumped :angry4:
7 cats were born at my house, 2 of them I wanted to keep myself (one has long white hair), the other cats had phyical problems and coulnd't be placed and some cats were left behind by their 'mom' in my arms because mom didn't want them after putting them on this world.
All the cats have their own caracter, they are almost like humans, soms like children and some are more adult than me.

Aww...tthey sound lovley. Would love to see pics!

What do Salamanders look like?
I like reptiles but I imagine they are quite difficult to keep.

Salamanders can be kept in tanks made of glass in your house, like the one you put fish in. But mine live in the pond outside. When they will be grown up, they will walk away and live in nature in gardens without seen bij people and when they have the need to make baby's they return to my pond and I will have some freshborn tadpoles of salamanders.
They look like the ones who live in south Europa, in the South of France you can find them living in nature. They are very smaal, will not grow bigger then 10 cm and have a dark grey coloured skin. [smilie=pdt_aliboronz_24.gif] :hello2:

I bet that they scare the neighbours to death :-)

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