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My next project?

Since the last of the old horses passed away, grass especially at this time of the year has become a bit of a problem. We've got way too much of the stuff. All the pigs have got big runs to roam in but we can't give them all of the areas that we need to try and keep under control.
From time to time, we've had geese here and I'm thinking of getting some more to help me with the lawn mowing.
We live in Wales and I'm thinking Brecon Buffs. I've got two irons in the fire at the moment and I'm hoping to get some goslings from two separate sources. Things never go to plan but with a bit of luck, I'll rear them and then keep a breeding trio back. A gander from one lot and the females from the other.
I contacted one show breeder who reckoned that a breeding pair would cost me 120.00 but rest assured, I wont be paying anything like that amount.
I don't know of anyone who eats goose beak and feet for their Christmas dinner, so obviously, I'm going to be quite happy keeping some orange beaked rejects. I hope that this venture comes to fruition and that our future purchases eat the grass and provide us with a few dinners and possibly a little bit of cash.  

Good luck

Yes good luck with it. Geese are great to keep about the place and they are fantastic lawn mowers. Unfortunately for us we had a fox attack yesterday and lost one sitting goose, and all the eggs out of three nests. That's this years new stock gone before it was started.

Well that's one of the irons in the fire gone firmly out. I've just been in touch with Acton Scott and their Brecon Buffs are firing blanks. All their eggs this year have proven to be infertile. Its a great shame, because I never need much of an excuse to visit one of my favourite places.

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