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My new sausage stuffer!

Evenins' ladies,  gentlemen and others,

Ordered my new sausage stuffer from Weschenfelders and get it probably Monday so looking forward notching through the recipe threads for sausages. I ordered the small one that takes only 6 lb of mix but that should be more than adequate.

Had a look through the recipe section the one with all the links to the recipes and it is something else.



Which one was it?

I make sausages, if I can help just ask.


It was the mini plus little demon,
Thanks for the offer I most likely be picking your brain. I have a few duck breasts in the freezer so if you know Of a recipe with those that would be good,


Welcome to the world of sausage making, you'll find it great fun. You're in good company on OTG, quite a number of the members on here indulge.

Your sausage stuffer looks fine.

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