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My new beach caster...

Had bad accident yesterday   2nd time out sea fishing, we whent to Port Eynon VERY good day we caught sdo all but entertaining all the same   in the bay we where fishing just opposite, we for about 2 hrs literally saw Bass jumping, at least 4-5lb ers    

Obviously they where going "heee heee we are here your there"  
well just before we decided to put our tackle away (so to speak) Richie slipped badly in a seaweed covered rockpool, smacked his head abit to hard for my likeing and has dented his shin very badly    what broke some of his fall was my new beach caster its sorta in 4 bits now instead of 3 lol...

He's okay all last night I kept a close eye on him. No major damage to his bonce or even sense knocked in lol!
Mind my rod's erm... total'd to put it politely    

Anyways local fishing guru's have put me on to "spinning"   it's great! plus we managed to aquire another Beach Caster brand new for a tenner second hand all tagged and like new! as we had such bad luck yesterday!

The rod and multiplyer Rich has now got through are bad day is even better than the one snapped!
Here's hopeing soon we will have our first catch  (and not seaweed like before lol!)


My regards to Richie.

I hope that his injury won't stop you trying out your new find this weekend - keep us posted

will teach him to look where hes going. Always in a rush that one    bet the brandy in the coffee had something to do with it an all  

Good job it was only 'is Uncle Ned, nothing to damage there. :evil9:
He gets a cut  on the bonce, does he spring a Leek?

Hope all is well.

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