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My Molly's Brother Gomez...

... KC Name Kenmilltri Victory, has passed away in the night.  We've had a phone call from his owner and breeder Alan this morning, sobbing his heart out and we're absolutely gutted - he was only 7.  Gomez was what's known as a 'right character' and we'll miss him more than words can say.  Aside from our own dogs, he was one that we loved to bits and are so sorry to see him go.

It looks like it might have been his heart.  He's sired many litters so there's lots of little Gomez's and Gomezetta's out there and he's my Murphy's grandsire so he is gone but not forgotten.  God bless Gomez, thanks for all the laughs and the cuddles - we'll miss you crying at the gate to get to us but Andy says he's glad you won't be nutting him in the goolies anymore!  Run free at the bridge mate, see you later!  


Oh! I'm sorry about Gomez. He was a very handsome chap.  Love Lizzie

I'm so sorry to hear about Gomez
It's so sad to lose a pet at that age

What a handsome lad he was.  So sad to hear of his passing.

Juli & Pereg

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