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My March Newsletter

My march newsletter off my site, may be of interest to some.

March has been a very busy month at Panorama. Lambing has now all but finished with only one ewe still to lamb. we have had some lovely lambs, with the majority being born without any assistance but there where one or two tricky ones we had to help with, but thankfully all ewes and lambs are doing well.

In the picture are a new born pair of Beltex ram lambs, they are both proving to be real chracters and are upto mischief already!

The pigs have also given us some new additions this month with two litters. Betty was first to farrow, she made a nest in her ark and gave birth to four piglets. This is a small litter but only being her second litter she can be excused. The piglets, two boys and 2 girls are already starting to resemble seal pups with all the milk they are getting! They also have regular visitors to see them in the shape of our two dogs, Bonnie and Cymro. The dogs can often be found sitting outside the ark, sitting in the ark or peering in through the ventilation flap of the ark to check all is fine. Betty took second place at the Royal Welsh last year in her class and the father of the litter Emlyn came third in his class so fingers crossed for some show pigs for next year.

Bonnies head peeking through the ventilation flap to watch Bettys' piglets enjoy feeding time!

Two days after Betty, Acorn decided it was her turn to farrow and she duly delivered eight strong and healthy piglets. We hope to have some good pigs from this litter as Acorn was mother to 3 of our show gilts from last year, and the father of the litter is Emlyn our show boar from last year.

Both sows have been excellent mothers and are very laid back and are happy for us or the dogs to look at the piglets in return for a good scratch!

The show season is just around the corner, first up will be the Spring show at Builth (smallholders show), we will hopefully be taking six or seven pigs and six sheep. the pigs will soon start to be washed and pampered to get them looking in tip top condition.

We will have quarter and half pigs available weekly and with delivery to your door if need be. Price will be 40 quarter or 80 half plus p&p. Look out for us in the Telegraph saturday magazine soon where there will be an article and some pictures about us and the pigs.

Hope you have all had a great easter and we look forward to seeing or hearing from you all again soon.

April farmers Markets.

Port Talbot, Aberavon shopping centre 5th and 19th April, 9-1pm

Maesteg Farmers Market, just behind the market, 18th April 9-1pm

That's great Chris

We have been losing the dogs for hours on end as they seem to prefer the company of the piglets!

Thanks for sharing Chris. Please keep the updates coming.
Those Beltex lambs are a wierd colour.

The lambs are just born there, we had to pull those 2 i think, the yellow stuff is urine from the ewe i think as they where a while getting out, if im wrong someone correct me.

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