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My lovely pet welsh man.

My lovely pet welsh man... (Richie obviously!) baught me a big pond for my birthday and 6 Ghost Koi Carp  
No pic's as yet as it's not finished off the "water feature" was a ruse to get me off the scent he had got me a proper pond  

We have a fountain but it does seem we need a filteration system as well I've priced them up and to my shock horror the prices for what they are really beyond  a joke!

But needs must   me being me... and not prepared to "splash" out £100 on a plastic box! I found an excellent link showing you how to make a basic filter and also whats called a "biofilter" made from 99p shop bits and pieces (im going to get the sponge's from tesco 14p a pack of 5)  

I will have ago at making one as soon as and post some pics hopefully this maybe of use to anyone with a fish pond that dosent like me want to break the bank    

Basic filter instructions:-

"Bio" Filter instructions:-

The fish are all doing really well after 4 days no problems at all so well chuffed, we have sevral stone and weather loach in the pond also who are doing there job fully clearing up the carp (so to speak) on the bottom    

Good luck with the filter - looking forward to seeing the pictures

Plenty of oxygenating plants help.
Do not overfeed as that will help the build up of cack and toxic gasses.
Don't be tempted to overstock. Totally ignore all thoughts of, that looks pretty, one more won't hurt.
One or two shop bought Tench work wonders but say goodbye to them before you put them in the pond. It'll probally be the last time you ever actually see them again.
Can't think of the name of the stuff but you can get a straw, barley or somesuch thing that you put in the pond to act as a natural filter.

Thanks bazz for that advice   had alot of rain here and it's helping the pond loads, got a few bunches of that oxygen weed floating about in there and everything seems to be going ok at the moment  

@ Bazzer
My mate built a huge Koi pond, 10ft x 15ft x 8ft deep and popped in a couple of stergeon that were 3 inches long when it was first built, they graze the bottom and sides and keep the weeds down like tench and never saw them again untill he had a 10 year spring clean when he had all the fish out and sold off some of the smaller ones and emptied 3/4 of the water to give it a good clean and service, he had forgotten about the stergeon and nearly died when this 3ft jet black fish surfaced right next to him, I nearly died laughing

Grey Herons will never be looked at again in the same light either!!!
Koi DO NOT eat Marshyte either. They have good taste, just like Scottie and myself.
green man

Koi are some of the most inefficient fish going they are a bit like geese it goes in one end and nitrites come out the other -you can't see it but it will build up and burn your fishes gills they will die unless you have an efficient pump and filter system- beware low air pressure days (Thunder) this is when they float to the top as the oxygen interchange is very poor and they suffocate - emergency treatment = hose pipe water †over a large shallow area before it enters the pond keep it running until the fish recover.

Don't feed them very much until you have the system up and running, better still exchange them for gold fish, a lot less trouble and expense.

Well are first Casualty... "Kolin" was found under the next door neighbours patio set...   (should'nt laugh but you know... ) but to date Bulmer, Red Bull, White Lightening and Taffy Apples are doin great   will post pic's soon of Richies under a tenner pond filter totally brilliant! We had an 'green water' algea bloom and it literally cleared the pond in half an hour!  

Just have to find away now of stopping the blighters jumping out the pool in the mid afternoon sun  

Forgot about their aerial habits.
If you haven't got a built up margin the only way is netting. Keeps them in and helps to keep the hunting fraternity, Herons, out.

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