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My little Lexie

She came into my life and into my heart, as a tiny bundle of black and tan fluff.  And one month before she would have been 12 years old, she went to sleep on my bed and her little heart just stopped.  

21 January my little Lexie left me.  And there is a hole in my heart and in my home, where she should be.

I would like to post a photo of her but don't know if this will work.


She looks a real character It's a real shock when they leave you isn't it?
Do you have any other pets?

I have Pereg the Mad Monster Adolescent Puppy, who I rescued from the Shelter on 18 February last year, as a tiny black and tan, although mostly black, puppy.

But like Topsy she grew and she grew, and she is now a very strong black and tan, maybe more tan than black, short-coated - monster?  

Little Lexie only weighed maybe 5˝-6 kilos.  Pereg?  I don't know, but she weighed 13 kilos when she was spayed in September last year, so probably is about 16 kilos now.  Maybe a bit more but still in the small to medium weight range of 10-20 kilos.  Rock solid bone and muscle and far far too strong for her size.

I adopted Pereg because I knew that Lexie wouldn't live forever and I couldn't bear the thought of being without a four-legged companion, but I didn't expect her to die when she did.  She wasn't ill and at just under 12 years of age, she wasn't old, either.

Lexie, oh Lexie.  Quiet, docile, possibly a wee bit thick - or maybe that's what she wanted me to think, whereas Pereg is very intelligent and even though I was late training her, she's learning so quickly - with the help of a dog trainer.  Although he is training me, not her.  I am the one who has to do the training.

The thing I must remember is that Lexie wasn't ill, she didn't suffer, and I didn't have to make that decision that I have had to do so many times in the past.  She just went to sleep, cuddled up against me, and just died, and I miss her so much.

Haven't got a current photo of Pereg - got to sort out how to post them.

Found this taken June last year - sorry but don't know how to make it smaller.  And oh how she has grown since then.  Still looks the same but just bigger.

Sorry, I don't know how to make it smaller.

liverpool pete

it's sad the time we have with our furbabys is so short.
she looked a real jem
i lost my little border collie lassie in September.
she is the picture i still miss her  

Oh dear, I made a right mess trying to post the photo of Pereg, so sorry about that.

The thing is that I used to breed dogs way back when - not as a business, because I lost more than I got from selling the pups, and as much as I loved them all, Lexie was different.  She was the little dog I would never be able to have again.  And oh how I miss her.

Pereg is so different, and I love her very much.  It's like children, isn't it.  When my daughter was born I thought how could I ever love another baby as much as I love her?  And then when my son was born I realised that you can and you do, because they are two different individuals.

And that is how I feel the love for Pereg.  She was never intended to be a replacement for Lexie, and Lexie is still everywhere, albeit not physically here.  That photo of her is the wallpaper on my computer.  I have a framed print of it on the wall.  I use it as my avatar in different places.  Just didn't want it here for some reason, but it's here in my OP.

Your border collie lass looks as if she was so sweet and good natured - I hope she wasn't ill/suffered when she had to leave you.

Juliette wrote:
Oh dear, I made a right mess trying to post the photo of Pereg, so sorry about that.

Don't worry, I've resized it for you
We tend to use photobucket to put photos on which automatically resizes them for you.

Thank you!  For some unknown reason I can't use PhotoBucket and couldn't find a more suitable photo to post - my previous computer died, or rather the hard drive did, and my external hard drive also packed up, or rather the box did, so I lost so much "stuff".

Anyhow, thank you so much for resizing that photo of Pereg - incredible how she had grown even at that age.  She is bigger now - still in the small to medium range, but her colouring has changed and her head is now totally tan.  She was mostly black when I adopted her.

The chair she is on, as was my little Lexie, is not a full size recliner but a narrower one, so doesn't really show their sizes.

Oh Lexie, my Lexie - why did you leave me so soon?  

When Dr Ram, out Vet, came to collect her on his way to the surgery he wanted a plastic bag to take her, and I said no.  You take her wrapped in her blankie.  And he did, put her in the back of his car, I kissed her head to say goodbye.  And my dog trainer went to the surgery and got her collar with all her tags, and her harness.  Because I wanted them.    But I still have problems in looking at them.

Love my Pereg though.  Very very much.

For Pereg, written before my Lexie died.

She grumbles
She mutters
She moans and
She splutters

She jerks and
She twitches
She scratches
Her itchies

She thinks that
She owns
The bed
That I sleep on

With head on the pillow
That she says is her own
Because this lovely lump
Of a Lollopy Lollop

Has taken this home
As her own private own

Oh Lollop
Oh Monster
Oh you Lumpy Laura

Why did you come here
if not to annoy me?

Except that I love you
You Monster Pup you
And if be without you
Then what would I do?

You drive Lexie crazy
And yet at a guess
Perhaps she invites it
Maybe more maybe less

But no-one would hurt you
I know for a start
Because both of you wubbles

Are deep in my heart.

How can I post this?

No, can't.  

I just want to post a photo and I don't know how to.

Was a photo of Lexie and Pereg and I just can't post it because I am stupid.

Please can someone tell me how to post a photograph here?


I have no idea how to post this, I'm sorry.
liverpool pete

the poem is very beautiful and so is the pictures of your doggies.
it made me think of my little lassie(she died last September),i still miss her terribly    
i use and just up load the picture and the click IMG Code
then paste the IMG code on here

i hope this helps

I write a lot of what I call Odes.  Not really poetry.  A lot about my dogs, no, just one dog now.  A lot about just "stuff".

I can't use PhotoBucket as apparently I already have an account [or four] with them, and I have no intention of opening yet another email address for them, when they refuse me access on those I apparently have.

Oh I miss my little Lexie
And don't know why she died
Because she wasn't ill
And she wasn't
That old.

But I know that she wasn't
Ill or was suffering
And for that I am grateful
Although my heart breaks
When I look for that
Little face

So I let the lump Pereg
Jump up on me
And try to fill up
The hole in my heart
Where once there was
The one called Lexie

And I really do
Love that lump I call Pereg
Because that I know that
She isn't my Lexie.

She is just Pereg.

And I love her.

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