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My latest purchases.

I picked up this young pair of welsh Harlequin ducks from a breeder in Denbigh this afternoon.

Dave C

Very nice pal, how old are they ?

There's something almost pretty about ducks


Tidy looking birds

Welsh Harlequins.
I'll have two more WH females for you to have a look at after tomorrow evening. A local breeder and exhibitor visited me this afternoon and had a look at the ducks that I've got. Basically, he really likes the last pair that I bought and rates them but as the others are concerned, the rest are cross breds.
He'll be dropping my new ones off for me at half past six tomorrow night.
One of the two has been placed first at a show and they're costing me fifteeen pounds each.
As far as ducks are concerned I'll be drawing my horns in now and It'll be a matter of seeing what I can breed from them.
Fingers crossed.
Dave C

I remember you saying some of your others didn't seem to be breed standard, but I remember them being very nice all the same mate  

Look forward to seeing the new arrivals.

Here you go, the two new girls have landed.
I think I'm pretty well set up now. I just need to keep my fingers crossed that something decent comes out of the incubator next year.

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