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liverpool pete

my lassie has died

i lost my beautiful girl on Thursday she has gone i am so lost without her
i don't know what to do
she was my soulmate my reason for living
god take care of my furbaby i will see her again

here's some pic of her

So very sorry to hear about your loss Pete - thoughts are with you and the four legged and two legged family who're left behind  
liverpool pete

thank you she was my life
if i went out chances are she be with me i am lost

You will soon find your way.  Once the grieving is done the happy memories will shine through and be with you for ever x

Sorry to hear that
liverpool pete

thank you mrs ww and chickenstu your very kind
it's hurt's so much i miss her being with me

Pete I understand how you feel, they are with us such a short time aren't they, if only they could live as long as we do.
I expect you know of Rainbow Bridge, a lot of people find great comfort during the difficult first periods of loss
It will get easier give it time.
liverpool pete

yes i know the bridge
i wish there time was tied to ours she was my life
take care of my lassie god i will see her again

Sad news heart and thoughts go out to you.
liverpool pete

thank you all lassie is the picture at the bottom of the page

Sorry to hear of your loss Pete.

I lost my best mate nearly a full year ago, she was my first ever lurcher and taught me a lot. Miss her like mad and think of her every day still. But time does help ease the pain, although it probably won't feel like it at the moment, it will get easier.

Remember the good times you had together, those memories will never go away.

Take care,
shell x

Sorry to hear about Lassie Pete
It sounds as though you have plenty of wonderful memories of her.

realy sorry to hear about lassie pete  
green man

Aaw how sad you sound pete, It is so painful I know but what a good life she must have had, be ready to carry on- as there is another dog waiting for you to choose it.

so sorry..thinking of you...R.I.P Lassie
liverpool pete

thank you all  for your kindness

So sorry to hear of your sad loss.  

No words mate.
Been there too many times myself. They take a hunk of you with them.

Thinking of you and I bet Lassie's running round that never ending, sun bathed field, chasing bunnies.


I am so sorry about your dog. It is such a difficult time but eventually you will be able to smile again and remember all the good times you had. I have been in your situation several times and its heartbreaking. Love Lizzie
liverpool pete

thanks it's just so painful i miss her
she was my little shadow

I'm so sorry for your loss.  The pain will get easier in time and you will be able to remember her and smile.  We're just getting that way after losing Billybob in April.

Remember - you never lose your best friend, because you'll always find them in your heart.

Run free Lassie - God be good to her.

welsh lamb

So sorry to hear about your loss - pets are everything.
liverpool pete

she was  everything to me i just long to be with her

i just long to be with her

Pete please.
We all know you are low but try to take such thoughts out of your mind.
We are all here for you mate.
There's a pooch in a rescue centre somewhere, probally thinking exactly the same.
I don't want a replacement owner, just someone to love me that I can love back.

Well said Bazzer.
Pete - the sun will shine again, think of the happy memories of Lassie and the time will come when you are ready for a new companion.

I've only just picked up on this Pete. I'm really sorry to hear of your loss.

Bazzer is absolutely right.

My friend the gamekeeper has been in this morning and he's caught a blue black greyhound thats been running around the shoot for weeks living rough. He says its house trained and biddable but that its a bit worse for wear. I'd be tempted to give it a home if it wasn't for the fact that it was a dog and that we have four bitches.

Pete you're dog was irreplaceable but there are so many dogs in need of a loving home.
I'm thinking about you're loss mate, just try and think about the good times you had with her and how much worse she and other dogs could have been in another home.

So very sorry to hear of the loss of your Lassie, Pete.
She will be in your heart for ever - and will wait at the Bridge for you.
She obviously had a wonderful, loving home with you and perhaps you could consider adopting a rescue dog when the time is right
liverpool pete

today was really hard it was my first day back at work i came home and its hit me all again
she was my whole life   all i thought about today was her hoping it didn't happen and she would be here waiting for me
green man

How many dogs do you have now pete?
liverpool pete

five but lassie was my first dog me and my wife got
she would always run up and down the hall when i came in from work
its just not the same with out her here i miss her so much
green man

Dogs grieve as well I think but not for to long as they realise life goes on, so be strong for them and your Mrs -remember this feeling will pass in time and then you will have the good memories.
liverpool pete

thank you for your understanding to some people their just a dog
to us she was our little girl a human in dog form
she had her own little personality she had even learned to smile
god i miss her it's so painful to be here without her

You will probably notice that your other dogs are subdued at the moment as well - this always happens when they lose one of their pack but as Greenman says, they will grieve for a while and then get on with life with new group dynamics.

so sorry to hear of your loss , dogs are part of the family and a huge miss when there gone  , it does get easier as the time goes by take care

Sorry to hear about Lassie.  You will always have your memories of her and perhaps when you and your wife feel ready you will have space for a rescue dog.  Time does heal eventualy.

I am so sorry for your loss Pete, give yourself time to heal, don't expect to much of yourself, give yourself all the time you need and take comfort in the good memories you both shared.
liverpool pete

thank you all for being so kind

I've only just seen this -  so, so, sorry Pete. I know exactly how you are feeling. They burrow right into your heart don't they?

Be brave Pete, a friend of mine once said the pain we feel when they go is the price we must pay for the pleasure they give when they're with us.

So sorry for your loss.

Our little girl (she was so much more than a dog to us, she was our girl). I found this site and entered her details and lit her candle. It helped at the time and is there anytime I want to be near her in a cyber way!.

Thought it might be of use to help you through the darkest days.
It does get easier as time goes by.
liverpool pete

thank you super

When you are ready Pete why not plant a special tree or bush in her memory in the garden as well. Ive done that in the past.
Celtic Eagle

Hi Pete

Sorry to hear your loss.

Take care and keep strong

Blessed Be


12 months tomorrow Sep 27 i had to put my big boy to sleep.

2 months later his son lay down in my kitchen and died,yes i expect from a broken heart.He had never been without his Dad.

Butch+Celt 2 golden Shihtzus were the loves of my life.I miss them terribly.

8 months on i now have a B/W Shih tzu called Rap.

My heart goes out to all who have lost a pet.

Writing about ones loss really helps,try it.xx

sorry for your loss and heart ache


[quote="jill13"]sorry for your loss and heart ache[/quote]

Oh! Jill thank you.I expected to be sad on the 27,but no i surprised myself.I have both of them in their ( cascets )right next to me here.Just cant think of putting them in the ground.I have managed to wash their leads+coats,so im getting there slowly.xx
liverpool pete

i can't believe it's been a year since my lassie died.
i still miss her like it's just happened .

I lost my old lab' about 5 years ago now..................he was 16 when he went on a wet & miserable Sunday night in November. He's buried out in the garden & I still feel a pang each time I walk past him.

Im the same too, when my beloved Cindy (lab cross alasation) died 2 years ago last week.

Stu  burried her on the top of a hill at the rear of the garden over looking the kitchen, and everytime i see the Cherry Tree thats planted on top of her final resting place I think of her.

I dont think you ever get over the loss of one of your best friends.

I'm still having problems coming to terms with the death of my beloved little Lexie - even more so this week as I'm using a loan computer and can't access any of my photos - and the first photo I took of Lexie has always been the wallpaper on my own computer, so when I switch this one on in the morning she isn't there to greet me.

21 January she left me, and today is 21 October.

I adore the Lollop that is Pereg - but oh how I miss my Lexie.

so sad.

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