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My Large Black Ladies.

Not that they've seen a lot but it's amazing what a bit of sun has done for my Large Black gilts. They've really started to bloom and look well.

This is Connie my July born gilt from the Blackie line.

And here's Molly my latest acquisition, a September born gilt from the Diana line.


Bonny lasses  
Dave C

They are looking well John  

How many litters are you looking to produce this year ?

I've had on litter already but I'm in transition at the moment. The other week I sold an in pig GOS gilt and in the next week or so I'm selling a sow and a gilt, plus the boar.
Old Gladys has hopefully just been put in pig and that could be the only other litter we're going to have this year.

Summer quarters.
This morning we moved Connie our 'Blackie' gilt to her new summer quarters. We'll have to see how long the grass lasts.


She will soon plough that up  

All oiled up and nowhere to go.
The girls had a bit of dry skin so I put a drop of pig oil on them and what a difference it's made. The oil had made them look a real picture.

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