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my ladygarden

I live with a veggie grower. Not a flower in sight when I moved in. Well, I humoured him for 18 months, potted on, sowed seeds, earthed up spuds but all the time I was plotting my ladygarden we live in the burbs but it's very hilly. The house sits up high with a view over the whole of London. The veggie growers patch is right down at the lowest point, the ladygarden is right right at the top. It's early days but I love it. This is my first day on here so I'll post some pics soon[/img]


   await your photos

Good for you - I'm looking forward to the photos

I'm sooooo looking forward to pics of a "Lady Garden "  

Would love to see photos of your views too sound great place  

 tut tut you boys  

Welcome littlebird, look forward to seeing the pics  

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