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My hawk

This is Isis she's a six year old HH. She is on a sabbatical at the moment due to her moulting also I don't hunt her this time of year due to the young rabbits out in abundance which she can easily take and scoff up in a tree somewhere. And she is a bugger to get back after that.

Season for her is over now until September at least.

A nice looking bird , i'm sure there a lot more to come , great .

stunning looks for an even better predator

Thank you she is fantastic looking bird

She looks ready to go in that pic, grand looking bird.

12Bore wrote:
She looks ready to go in that pic, grand looking bird.

That will be the camera getting her attention.
She is a great hunter. Have lost count how many rabbits she has caught in the years I've had her.
It's not always good out with her. Experience tells you what kind of mood she is in and if to keep the creance handy just incase her attention wanders. She is rather partial to moor hens and I've nearly lost her a few times if she catches one. She can quite easily make off with one and disappear for good.
When I have her at hunting weight and go to get her in the morning she is banging to get out of the aviary and I know its going to be a good day. Sometimes though she is a bit nonchalant and then its best to chuck her a dead chick or rabbit and leave her there till she's in a better mood.
One for the Pot

Good luck with the hunting season.

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