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Yorkshire Geordie

My Fortnight's holiday in one week.

Mrs Y.G. and I started planning this year's holiday way back in January - just after Christmas.  
We decided to have a two week break and visit the North East but we had to find somewhere that was dog friendle because of Biscuit.
Brochures were scanned and plans made. We chose to have our first week in Alnmouth and our second week in Pickering.
Because my right foot doesn't work properly (the explanation would be too long) Mrs Y.G. chose to drive, so we broke up the journey by taking B&B going up and then taking B&B when changing from Alnmouth to Pickering.
Arrangements for Mrs Y.G.'s 98 year old mother were agreed with her care home and we sallied forth on the last Thursday of May.
The  M5 was a bit traffic laden North of B'rum.

But by the time we reached Cumria the gloom started to lift.

The arrival at The Manor House, on the A68, was rather late and we only just got there in time for a late meal.
The view from our bedroom was interesting.  

The next day we called in at Wallington Hall on our way to Alnmouth.

Late Friday afternoon we reached Alnmouth. 410 miles travelled so far.

We explored Alnmouth, which we found had not changed much since we regularly holidayed there in the 80s to noughties with children in tow.
We explored the coastline mainly, looking in at Warkworth, Alnwick, Boulmer, Bamburgh, Lindisfarne, Berwick on Tweed, Craster, Seahouses all in dry weather but cloudy and cold at times.

We even managed Newcastle upon Tyne - Howay the lads  

We were coming to the end of our first week and preparing for a return to The Manor House on our way to Pickering but, sadly, never made it.
We had a phone call on our penultimate Alnmouth day that Mrs Y.G.'s Mother had taken a wobbler and thing were looking very grim.  
We packed everything up immediately and high tailed back to Devon in one leap.
Mrs Y.G. went straight to her mother's bed side just in time.
Elsie passed away nine days before her 99th birthday.
Arrangements are now being made for her funeral when we had been making plans for a birthday knees-up!

If anyone would like to see some of the pictures we took they can be found here:-

It hasn't been our best holiday, but I'm sure it's one that will never be forgotten.

Its made me think about planning a holiday too. Thanks for sharing your break Mart.  

Nice Pics- Sorry to hear about your MIL - 99 is a good innings.

Sounds all rather curate's egg. I don't know that bit of the world at all, but the photos are very appealling.

Sympathies and condolences to Mrs YG; at nearly 99 her Mum had lived through some truly interesting times. That generation were incredibly resourceful and hardy folks.

I hope the funeral and the aftermath go easily, and you find time later to enjoy the holiday you planned.

Kind regards,

Great pics as usual sorry to hear about MIL  

Loved all your pics
So sorry about your MIL

Sorry to hear about your mother in law so glad you made it back in time for your wife.   Thank you for the wonderful as always

What an upsetting end to your break, my condolences.

I'm glad you enjoyed the 1st week and then managed to get home in time .......condolences for the loss of your MIL  

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